Promotional Office Stationery

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Promotional Office Stationery

Showing 1–12 of 280 results

There are three ways promotional products and corporate branded merchandise are really effective. In their pocket, in their hand or on their desk! Therefore, branded stationery is a highly relevant category to getting your brand and message into your customer’s office.
Parkers Branded is your ultimate destination for top-quality branded stationery that speaks volumes about your business. We understand the power of a strong brand presence, and our wide range of customisable stationery items are designed to make a lasting impression on your clients, partners, and employees.
We supply a large range of branded office stationery which includes promotional sticky notes, rulers, notebooks, notepads, calendars, mouse mats, pens, calculators, paperweights and coasters. So why not add your brand to an everyday desktop item that your customers will see and use, allowing you to be front of mind.


Branded Notebooks

Wellness Journal


Branded Rulers

15cm Ruler


Branded Rulers

30cm / 12Inch Ruler


Branded Paperweights

9cm Round Glass Paperweight


Branded Notebooks

A4 Lined Dunn Notebook


Branded Notebooks

A5 Black Magnet Notebook


Branded Eco Notebooks

A5 Cambridge Pu Notebook


Why Choose Parkers for your Branded Stationery?

Impeccable Quality

Our branded stationery products are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a level of professionality that reflects positively on your company or organisation.

Customisation at its Best

Personalise stationery with your logo, company colours, and unique designs. From classic desk accessories to elegant, embossed notebooks, we offer a variety of customisation options to match your brand identity perfectly.

Wide Selection

Whether you need branded pens for corporate events, custom notebooks for conferences, or personalised notepads for daily office use, our diverse range of stationery items caters for all your business needs.

Professional Image

Impress your clients and visitors with branded stationery that exudes professionalism and attention to detail. Our branded stationery creates a lasting impression in every meeting and interaction.

Huge Range of Eco-Friendly Branded Stationery to choose from

Our eco range is growing constantly as businesses continue their commitment to ethical and sustainable purchasing. Here you’ll find pencils made from recycled CD cases, newspapers, denim and recycled plastic waste, plus rulers, notebooks, folders and pencil case sets all produced using repurposed waste materials.

Our selection of Branded Stationery Products

Branded Notebooks

Find an extensive range of notebooks to brand with your logo right here on our website to browse through. The possibilities are endless with a personalised notebook and our vast range ensures there is something to suit all businesses and budgets. Branded notebooks may be used for anything from journalling and to-do lists, to sketching or note-taking, so can be appreciated by any age group from students to professionals. Discover all our options, from A4 to A6, pen included, wirebound notebooks, handy ribbon marker or elastic fastener, lined or plain sheets. We have a great range of notebooks for those on a budget, and Pantone matching is available on many of our products. For something extra special, why not consider our leather executive notebooks from brands such as Moleskine that make lovely gift.

Eco Branded Notebooks

It makes sense to choose sustainable notebook or pad when considering your next promotional product. The materials used to make our eco branded notebook covers include bamboo, covers made from recycled ocean waste, soft cork covers, recycled cotton, eLeather and even waste from recycled coffee cup production! There are endless possibilities, with many of our notebooks made right here in the UK to help reduce carbon footprint and support local manufacturers.

Branded Calculators

Many of us still use a desktop calculator on a daily basis. Not only used in the financial sector, anyone using a desk is bound to reach for the calculator at some point. As such, it makes sense to personalise a desk calculator as a promotional item. Choose from metal or plastic casing or even bamboo and a range of styles from 12 digit displays and solar powered. These products are ideal for the office, school lessons or exams and a great reminder of your brand with ample space to display your logo.

Branded Calendars and Diaries


You can add your logo to a great range of different branded calendars and diaries. Our desktop calendars provide a year long reminder of your brand at a glance. Small easel calendars and calendar pods featuring handy sticky notes and tabs, along with wirebound panoramic easel desk calendars and coaster calendars are ideal keep as a visual reminder of forthcoming dates. There are numerous options for personalisation too, with these products easy to mail or deliver. If it’s a wall calendar you prefer, we stock a range of designs that you may personalise with your own logo for your recipient to hang on the wall and view throughout the year.


Many of us still prefer to use a physical diary to plan appointments, important dates, meetings and holidays. When you offer a branded diary to your customers it’s a cost-effective way of staying front of mind on a daily basis. We can provide a range of styles for you to personalise. Choose from pocket diaries, desk diaries, executive diaries and life planners in several sizes including A4 and A5. Choose from a range of outer covers for your branded diaries from matte smoothgrain finish, leathergrain, finegrain and soft touch newhide leather. We also provide diary bands that make great giveaways for academic or corporate businesses. These cost-effective products may also be Pantone matched to your brand colours for a truly personalised promotional product.

Branded Desk Accessories

What items do you use every day on your desk? A pen is often the most popular item that comes to mind, but sticky notes, notebooks, memo blocks and pads, smart pads, mouse mats and desk organisers are all probably on the list. We have the power to personalise them all! Many of these desktop items have a great print area to get your message across. Alternatively, if you are looking for a different promotional product then a compact desktop garden is an eye-catching item that is bound to get your brand noticed.

Branded Drywipe Boards

Memo boards are a really handy item to hang on the wall both in the home, at work or in the office. Everyone needs a to-do list and what better way to visualise your reminders than on a memo pad or drywipe board. These items are also magnetic, and we also sell magnetic whiteboard erasers that may be branded with your message or logo.

Branded Paperweights

Branded paperweights are a classic promotional item that serves as a daily reminder of your brand. They also make a lovely personalised gift for leavers or for Christmas presents. Add paperweights to a branded gift set for a gift that any recipient will remember for years to come.

Branded Rulers

Who doesn’t need a handy ruler as part of their desktop stationery every now and then? Our range of branded rulers are ideal for students, architects or just for general office use. In a variety of colours and styles, including materials such as plastic and bamboo, the options for personalisation will really make your brand stand out.

Branded Sticky Notes

Another ideal desktop item, our wide range of branded sticky notes are a product that is likely to be seen and used day after day. Not only are they really useful, but also long lasting; who doesn’t need to make a quick reminder, to-do list or shopping list throughout the day? There are several options to choose from, including A6 and A7 sizes, bespoke shaped sticky notes, cover tabs, note blocks and Magnotes that stick to any magnetic surface. There are endless personalisation options and we’re happy to advise you on a bespoke sticky note to suit your branding.

The Benefits of Choosing Branded Stationery for Your Business:

Brand Consistency

Maintain a consistent brand image across all your communication materials. Branded stationery reinforces your brand identity, making it easily recognisable to your audience. You can also team branded stationery with other items within a gift set for a bespoke gift.

Networking Opportunities

Handing out branded stationery such as pens, pencils, notepads or sticky notes during business meetings and events creates memorable experiences, sparking conversations and networking opportunities.

Employee Morale

Boost your team's morale by providing them with branded office supplies. It fosters a sense of belonging and pride in working for a company that pays attention to the details.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Branded stationery serves as a cost-effective marketing tool. These items continue to promote your business long after the initial investment, staying on the desk for years to come, making stationery a valuable part of your marketing strategy.

Order your Branded Stationery with Parkers

Our friendly team of experts are here to guide you through the all the branding options and ensure you receive stationery items that perfectly represent your organisation.