Promotional Technology

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Promotional Technology

Showing 1–12 of 280 results

Looking for the perfect blend of innovation and branding to make your promotional products stand out? Look no further than our collection of branded tech. Whether you’re thanking clients, rewarding employees, or delighting your customers, these cutting-edge gadgets are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Our custom printed USBs, power banks, phone chargers and Bluetooth speakers and many more are the way to demonstrate that your company or organisation is fully thriving in the 21st century. With the advent of digital printing these products can look absolutely stunning whilst providing your client with the perfect corporate branded merchandise. Useful for executives on the go, who’d want to be running out of battery on their phone or laptop or unable to listen to music when working away from home or on their holidays? Discover our range of branded tech below


Branded Mobile Phone Accessories

1.2M Led Charging Cable


Branded Computer Accessories

100% Recycled Web Cam Cover


Branded Power Banks

3000Mah Voltage Powerbank


Branded Mobile Phone Accessories

4 In 1 Combination Cable


Branded Mobile Phone Accessories

4 In 1 Led Charging Cable


Why Choose Branded Tech for a Promotional Product?

Make a Memorable Impression

Branded tech gifts offer a unique way to promote your company's identity. Every time the recipient uses the gadget, they'll be reminded of your brand, fostering a stronger connection.

Innovative Product Range

Stay ahead of the curve by gifting the latest in technology. From smart accessories for your phone to high-tech speakers and headphones, our collection features innovative products that reflect your commitment to the latest developments.

Practical and Useful

Unlike some promotional products, branded tech serve a practical purpose in daily life. They also tend to be more durable so stick around for longer. Whether it's a branded wireless charger, a new Bluetooth smart speaker or a pair of headphones, your gift is sure to find a place in the recipients routine.

Versatile Options

Our tech caters to a variety of tastes, from professionals and kids, there's a tech item to suit every occasion and demographic.

Eco-Friendly Range

E-waste is a growing problem, with tech items among electric gadgets that end up in landfill if not properly disposed of. Luckily, our eco range is both affordable and sustainable, with organic materials such as bamboo and wood used in production. We also feature options made from materials such as rPET, helping to keep plastic from landfill. Many of our eco products are also manufactured in the UK to help reduce the carbon footprint of these promotional items.

Explore our Range of Branded Tech

Branded Bluetooth Speakers

Make a statement with our Bluetooth speakers that not only deliver exceptional sound quality but also come with customisable features to showcase your brand in a unique way. We have waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are great for outdoor use, paired speakers for surround sound and eco-friendly wheatstraw options available. Make your speaker stand out with full colour print on the grill and unique features such as charging capabilities, a customised printed box and funky, bespoke shapes.

Branded Headphones and Earbuds

One of our most popular tech products, branded headphones and earbuds are a high end, useful gift for anyone to receive. We have an excellent range of options to choose from starting from just under £1. Our range of earbuds makes for a neat little gift with eco friendly wheatstraw versions, funky Eartubes and O-Buds available. We also have a great range of foldable headphones for convenience and high end leather wireless over-ear headphones that can be customised and boxed for a that special gift.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Give your recipient a tech gift that they will use daily with our range of branded mobile phone accessories. Our handy mobile phone charging cables with multiple ports supplied in a bag make the ideal branded product. These must-have gadgets include four cables for a truly useful gift that anyone will appreciate, with tons of print area options. We also have Bluetooth smart tags allowing you to locate your devices easily, along with branded phone cases, flip cases and phone stands which can all be fully branded.

Branded Mouse Mats

A mouse mat provides the perfect desktop item to really get your brand seen. From hard top mouse mat and coaster sets to sticky mats that can be stuck and repositioned several times, mouse mats provide a low cost, durable and mailable item that will be used day after day. Take a look at our branded screen saver cloths that have the dual function of a mouse mat and screen wipe in one. All mouse mats feature a large print area giving you endless possibilities for branding.

Wireless Chargers and Branded Power Banks

Keep your clients and employees connected with our range of branded power banks. Add your logo or a personalised message to create a functional and stylish accessory. Our range of branded power banks and portable chargers allow you to promote your brand on a useful gadget that anyone with an electronic device will appreciate receiving. We offer many different sizes, shapes and specs to choose from including bespoke designs and integral charging points. Bluetooth enabled without the need for a charger, branded power banks are the ideal accessory to use when travelling, camping, or simply keeping at the office. They provide a great print area and come in a range of standard colours. Your power bank may also be presented in a matching box for a professional, high end gift. Check out our range of eco-friendly power banks that are made from sustainable bamboo and feature a solar panel.

Branded Screen Cleaners

Add your logo to a useful desktop cleaning item. Our branded screen cleaners include cleaning sprays, wipes and cloths that will keep your devices sparkling clean for a great giveaway item that any office worker will appreciate.

Branded USB Sticks

A USB stick is a simple but useful gift that is likely to be re-used and kept for a number of years. The compact element of a USB, not to mention the value price tag make it an ideal giveaway for events and exhibitions. We have an excellent range of options available from classic USB sticks to products with multi functionality such as hub and phone stands, USB ball pens and bespoke shapes to choose from. Check out our cardboard wafer flash drives with an excellent print area or our eco-friendly paper-made USB stick for a slim, sustainable version of this classic promotional product.

Order Your Branded Tech Products Today

Branded tech gifts are more than just promotional items; they're a statement of your commitment to quality, innovation, and lasting relationships. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect tech gifts to engage with your customers.