Meet the Team

"Commitment is an act not a word" - Jean-Paul Satre

Wherever you look for branded product suppliers, Leeds, London or anywhere else, you'll be hard pressed to find a team as committed as ours to providing infinite product knowledge, creative solutions and with exceptional communication.

The Team

charlie-parker Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker

Managing Director

After a relatively unsuccessful academic education, Charlie started selling products at the age of 25. His reasoning was that the only way to make any progress in life was to be his own boss. Now in his 60s, he has built a worldwide network of clients and suppliers which qualifies him to be an enabler, no product is impossible to source! Keen sportsman, he's very competitive and absolutely thrives in challenging situations (sometimes without even swearing). Charlie is a larger than life character and well worth meeting!

janie-parker Janie Parker

Janie Parker

Finance Director

Unlike Charlie, Janie's education went well and she graduated from Liverpool University with an Economics degree in 1992. Her background is in the financial services industry where she became a Chartered Management Accountant over 20 years ago. Charlie and Janie met by chance in 2011 and married in 2013, opposites attract! Janie saw the need to bring financial credibility to Charlie's operation and joined the team as financial director in 2013. They're still happy!

amy Amy Houldsworth

Amy Houldsworth

Senior Account Manager

At 16 years old and straight from school Amy joined the team, that's now 15 years ago. Amy's obtained a similar amount of understanding of our customers and suppliers to Charlie through working closely with him. Now a mother of 3, Amy still arrives fresh, excited and dedicated every day and treats and thinks about the business as if it's her own. A more committed Senior Account Manager could not be found anywhere, apart from maybe Charlotte...

charlotte Charlotte Gill

Charlotte Gill

Senior Account Manager

Graduating in 2011 with a degree in English Literature from Leeds Metropolitan University, Charlotte joined the team in 2013. Like her friend Amy, Charlotte has an enormous thirst for knowledge of the industry and tremendous organisational and communication skills. Another winner! Charlotte is now a Mummy to a little girl, she is professional and efficient. A more committed Senior Account Manager could not be found anywhere, apart from maybe Amy...

charlie Matthew Forbes

Matthew Forbes

Business Development Manager

Matthew was recruited from behind the bar of our local pub. Charlie thoroughly enjoyed Matthew's demeanor when he was buying pints, recognising his innate customer orientated disposition and thought he'd be an ideal addition to the Sales Team. This has proved to be correct and after three years with us, he's going great guns and is comfortable tapping into his colleagues' knowledge to enable him to offer the same exceptional service levels to our customers. Matthew is a qualified referee and football coach but a very poor goalkeeper! A Business Development Manager you can trust.


catherine Catherine Rudsdale

Catherine Rudsdale

Social Media Specialist

Catherine is Janie's twin Sister, a busy mother of two who is employed Part-time by us to uncover relevant Social Media content and post it on all forums. Catherine is meticulous in her spelling and grammar and has the ability of a truffle pig for sniffing out interesting developments within our business and the wider business community. Go Catherine!

jamie Jamie Allison

Jamie Allison

Brand Ambassador

Jamie spent 33 years at Lloyds Bank. After various roles in the north, he joined the North Region Board as Business Development Director and led a small team of Directors covering the key markets in the north region for the last 10 years. "Retired" in 2016, and now working closely with a small number of high quality businesses that support and help his network of corporates. A keen golfer, Jamie represented English Universities and Leeds and District, but is now more focussed on his home club of Moortown, scene of the first Ryder Cup in the UK. Also enjoys supporting the Leeds Rhinos as a Taverner and the Northern Ballet Theatre.

steve Steve O'Neill

Steve O’Neill

Freelance Designer

Steve is the magic maker, a freelance Graphic Artist who lives in Harrogate, he has become an integral partner in the offerings we create. An absolute genius at making your products look remarkable. He is our go to man and somehow turns everything around in 24 hours.

Jonnie-The-Dog Jonnie The Dog

Jonnie The Dog

Office Dog

Jonnie the dachshund thinks he's a wolf, he's very loving to the team who he knows very well, should you visit our office, bonding with the guardian of the empire is compulsory! (Unless you don't like dogs and then we'll leave him at home!)