Removing plastic bottles from the high seas… literally

Discover how we helped create a stronger message on a better bottle while helping the environment – the perfect storm for a successful marketing campaign.

We have a huge range of eco friendly promotional products and we’re always on the lookout for items that are useful, have longevity and have a minimal impact on the environment. Many of our customers come to us for advice on how to be more eco-friendly with their promotional product sourcing. As unusual as this may sound, sometimes the best solution isn’t a product you will find within our eco promotional product category

Take one of recent project for a well-known cruise ship company. As part of their free refreshments supplied in the cabin, they were providing 2 plastic bottles of branded water per person per day. During an average 2 week stay this was mounting up to be a lot of single use plastic.


2 plastic water bottles per guest per day


Each of their ships had a 500 berth capacity


So each vessle could go through 1000 bottles a day


That’s up to 14,000 water bottles on a 2 week cruise

They wanted to provide a greener solution that would still see guests refreshed and promote their brand, but more sustainably. We took the helm!

Our solution – to provide guests with reusable bottles which could be filled at designated water coolers throughout the ship. After testing a variety of options and materials, we set sail to produce a durable and insulated metal bottle, designed simply and tastefully to reflect the cruise ship branding and sourced reliably to offer great value.

The bottles not only kept the water lovely and cool, they also gave each guest a high quality souvenir which would remind them of their adventure and provide our client with a long term advertising mechanism. Plus (most importantly), it was a fundamental shift which saved thousands of tons of plastic waste each year.

The feedback was fantastic. Guests are impressed by the high-end free gift and the lengths the cruise ship has gone to in orer to reduce unnecessary plastic use. It has helped to cement their trust and loyalty to the company.

If you’d like to see how we can help your business take a stand against single use plastics, then get in touch with us today or view our range of eco friendly promotional products.