Possibly the best promotional pen yet…

We are constantly on the look out for new promotional products that help our clients effectively promote their brands. Now and then, we find products which are nothing short of pure genius!

Those of you who already work with us will know that we love Senator pens. The brand is fuelled with style, reliablilty (just what you would expect from German engineering) and innovation. And their latest invention is really something quite unique, special and different…

The mighty Senator Connected ball pen with an NFC tag inside

Senator’s latest innovation combines the traditional ballpen with the latest smart technology to give you the opportunity to really elevate your marketing. With Senator’s new Connected range, you can upload your contact information, special offers or other documents to this mighty ballpen which the recipient can access directly from their SmartPhone.

How does it work?

The Senator Connected pen is enabled with an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag. This clever piece of tech allows the pen to be pre-programmed with information that can be transmitted directly to any NFC-enabled SmartPhone. It’s the same technology you use when you pay for goods on your phone. By holding the pen close to a smartphone, any information you have programmed in will reveal itself on the users’ phone.

You have the ability to pre-program the pen with your desired content and upload it to the cloud where it will be stored ready to show anyone who has the pen and an NFC enabled smartphone.

What information can I include?

Tailor the content to your exact requirements. Upload any information, including business cards, flyers, videos, special offers and sales documents.

As the information is stored on the cloud, you can alter or update the content for the entire lifetime of the pen and as often as you like. Simply visit your portal anytime and load new content at the click of a mouse. The content on every pen (the ones you have in stock and the ones which you have already distributed) is then updated keeping your messaging up-to-date and fresh.

Business Cards

Include all your contact information and add a handy call function


Upload visual content about your products or services

Special Offers

Add special discount codes for your customers to redeem

Sales Documents

Enter up-to-date price lists, brochures and flyers

That’s great, but when will I use it?

When we do finally return to the world of exhibitions and face to face meetings, why not wow your prospects and customers with a free gift that is both practical and utilises the very latest technology? Say goodbye to printed business cards, printed brochures and flyers. Instead, give your prospects or contacts a handy desktop ball pen as a modern, paperless way of bringing power to your brand.

Your Senator NFC enabled pen, your way

Customise your Senator Connected pen with your very own message or logo. With a range of 13 colours to choose from you have the ability to brand your pen to your exact requirements. Choose to add your information to the main body of the pen or to the clip. We’ll even mock-up your brand on an example pen to bring your logo to life. With eco and antibacterial options of this pen available too, you are really spoilt for choice…

Choose a recycled Connected eco-friendly version

The Senator eco range is made from recycled plastic and manufactured using green energy. By using this pen, you’ll not only be reducing paper usage in the production of business cards, brochures and flyers, but you also have the power to add the NFC connected function to an eco-friendly version of the pen.

Reduce the spread of germs with the Antibac Connected

Be socially conscious and add a polished Antibac coating to your pen for added peace of mind. This patented coating provides antibacterial protection on the surface of the pen, so that bacteria and germs cannot survive. The coating lasts for the duration of the pen and adds a level of protection in a time when we are conscious of virus transmission.

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