7 great reasons to choose a branded gift set

We’re often asked what makes the best promotional product. With so many products that can be branded with your logo, you may be struggling to know what would work best for your brand identity.
One versatile, totally bespoke promotional product is a branded gift set. Branded gift sets have many advantages, here are just a few…

1. You pick the items you want to feature

The major benefit of choosing a branded gift box is the flexibility to make it completely your own. You pick your favourite items based on what you think your audience will use. For example, a welcome pack for new employees might contain a pen, lanyard, face mask, notebook, USB and coffee mug, whereas a gift set for a digital conference may contain a keyring, pencil, coaster, mug and branded chocolate bar.

2. Tailor the gifts to your exact marketplace

Think about what gifts suit your sector. For example, one of our recent clients – a major haulage company – wanted to welcome new starters. Items they included in their branded gift set were a reusable coffee cup, reusable water bottle and a handy branded spork for use when on the road.

3. Present your items attractively

Think about the style of box you would like to use to feature your promotional products. If your items are bulky and heavy you may opt for a durable cardboard box. Consider the environment and how your box will be disposed of – recyclable cardboard is the best option for this. Think about how you would like your items to be displayed. We can advise you on the best way to display your branded gift set, including a range of box options that will allow your branded gift set to arrive to your recipients in perfect condition.

4. A generous gift

A branded gift box containing many products will delight your prospects, customers or employees. Instead of one gift, a box of useful and well thought out goodies will create the perfect impression

5. A way of promoting your brand from a distance

The past 18 months has been a no go for face-to-face conferences and exhibitions. As we ease restrictions, many sectors will still be continuing with digital conferences to ensure maximum attendance. Sending a branded gift box of promotional products that you would usually give away individually on your exhibition stand is a great way of continuing to engage with your audience. It allows your brand to still make an impression on your prospects in the home office.

6. Promote your logo on a variety of items

Using a branded gift set is the perfect way of adding your logo or brand to a number of different promotional products. Broaden your reach with a range of exiting products that are both practical and useful. We go way beyond the average pen or keyring as a promotional product. High quality items such as headphones, power banks, caps, metal water bottles and eco reusable mugs are really practical, very popular and have more chance of being used and noticed in a range of locations.

7. Suits a wide variety of sectors

Our bespoke branded gift sets are suitable for any sector including businesses, schools, organisations, charities, events companies. We are here to assist you in creating the perfect branded gift set for your exact requirements, considering your budget and quantities to bring you the quality and a price that you will be delighted with.

To speak to one of our marketing experts about creating your branded gift set, please contact us with your enquiry